Although Summer is Seasonal, Our Sensational Monthly Savings Are Not!

Happy August! We are now in the home stretch of hot sunny days here in the Northern Hemisphere. Some of us may be hoping to squeeze in some last minute summer activities such as swimming at the beach or soaking up the sun poolside. Before you know it, kids will return to school, tan lines will fade, and retail stores will be looking to rid their summer clothing by offering plenty of clearance specials. Speaking of sales…let’s enjoy 15% off the following products all through the last full month of summer 2021!

Algae Oil – 40% DHA (M1900)

Avocado Oil- Refined Organic (S1025)

Hazelnut Oil- Virgin Organic (S1242)

Lemongrass – Organic (EHM1083)

Moringa Oil- Refined Organic (S1740)

Oleic Acid 75% (C1065)

Passion Fruit Seed Oil- Virgin (S1409)

Stevia Extract Powder 97% – Organic (G1199)

Vanilla Extract 2x – Organic (PHM4110)

Vanilla Extract 2x – Organic – Fair Trade (PHM4111)

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Please note: one coupon per customer and cannot be applied to previous invoices, already discounted, tiered, or drum pricing.