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All Natural Father’s Day Gift Ingredients

Here we are in June again which means not only are we celebrating the beginning of summer, but Father’s Day is just around the corner! All-natural homemade craft gifts are trending and on the rise, and surely not slowing down any time soon!  At Jedwards, we take pride in supplying all our loyal crafters and hobbyist with just what one needs to make a tailored beard oil, shaving cream, or cologne for the Dad or Like-Dad in your life!

Help him tame and nourish that facial hair with Beard Oil. Oils like Sweet Almond, Avocado, or Jojoba can be combined with an essential oil to keep hair smelling and looking fresh.

If hair is too much to handle, natural shaving cream is your best next bet. Give it a smooth, nourishing base with one of our many butters such as Shea Nut Butter, a natural emollient packed with vitamins and beneficial fatty acids. Many formulations for natural shaving creams include Coconut Oil and Olive Oil for added hydration and a smooth application.

Let’s not forget that these custom-made gifts could use a fragrance boost! Essential oils can yield skin and hair benefits besides their lovely characteristic aromas. Here are some scents commonly found in products geared toward men:

Of course, no essential oil is off the table, and our catalog is full of other great scents to add to any product.

You may also consider adding Vitamin E or Glycerin to your product. Vitamin E is a great antioxidant, working both to stabilize the product and help to protect the skin. Glycerin is a humectant and supports smooth application in a formulation. Both of these ingredients are widely found in cosmetic and personal care products.

Whatever the occasion or product, find what you need at bulk wholesale prices on our website!