crop woman sitting in foamy water

Treat Yourself on International Bath Day

Ages ago, bathing was a community affair, done in large-scale public bathhouses, bodies of water, or with a washcloth and a basin of water. There was also a period of time when people didn’t really even wash often, if at all! In the modern age of go-go-go, many of us often opt for showers. The act of bathing today in the western world is often rare, therapeutic, and a form of self-care. When we settle in for a bath, we want it to be more of a special experience: Bath bombs, Bath salts, & hand-crafted and custom-made soaps rise to the occasion…..a spa-like event created in the comfort of your own home! And today, June 14th, we can all treat ourselves in the celebration of International Bath Day!

Why is June 14th tied to taking baths?  It’s a story you likely learned in the classroom. It is widely believed that on this day Archimedes, a Greek scholar and mathematician, discovered that an object’s volume could be measured when submerged in water. Eureka!

Sorry—we unfortunately don’t have an innovative math and science-changing discovery like that, but we do want to share a fun bath fact – we are Jedwards supply many natural and pure ingredients to bath and body companies for their growing product lines!  Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients commonly found in bath products that we offer.

Dead Sea Salt – Like the sea itself, people enjoy the effect of bathing in this special salt. Many companies buy Dead Sea Salts and create specialized blends or bath bombs containing other ingredients for the ultimate soothing bath experience.

Epsom Salt – Epsom salt is often used the way Dead Sea salt is, but the former is often a more popular bath soak and bath bomb ingredient. You will see Epsom salt frequently combined with soothing essential oils or dried flowers for a therapeutic-like bath.

Citric Acid – One of the more common ingredients you will find in a bath bomb. This, along with baking soda, creates that fun and fizzy effect that makes bath bombs so unique.

Essential Oils – Well, a bath could certainly use an appealing fragrance! Lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary are some of the most popular for bath time.

Almond Oil or Coconut Oil – Most vegetable or plant-based oils will do, but bath bombs require a combination of wet and dry ingredients. The oil helps keep all the salts and powders into a solid ball and provide additional hydration to the skin.

Soap Bases – We offer quite a wide range of soap bases manufactured by Stephenson out of the UK, for any situation, perfectly fit to be customized to your liking! We have liquid soaps, soap noodles, and melt and pour soap bases for one to choose from and the list goes!