Special September Discounts

What better way to celebrate Fall than to offer super discounts on three great ingredients!  Canola Oil – non-GMO (S1100), Tea Tree Oil – Australian (EHM1141) and Soy Lecithin – Liquid Non-GMO (S1602) are all being offered at 10% off on orders of pails, gallons, and smaller pack sizes only; Not applicable to drum orders or tiered pricing.

Genetically modified canola oil is widespread throughout the food industry, but that doesn’t mean Non-GMO Canola oil isn’t out there!  Jedwards is proud to supply high quality, Non-GMO Canola Oil (Item # S1100) and this September only, we are offering an additional 10% off.  Primarily used in the food industry due to its low concentration of saturated fat and high concentration of monounsaturated fat, Canola Oil – Non-GMO is also suitable for cosmetic applications.  Canola Oil is a clear, light honey color with a bland odor and taste.

Tea Tree Oil – Australian (EHM1141) is the discounted essential oil offered this September at 10% off.  This popular oil, used commonly in cosmetic products and industrial applications, is clear in appearance with a strong, characteristic aroma.  Tea Tree Oil – Australian can be found in formulations including body lotions, moisturizers, shampoo and conditioners, facial cleansers, and mouth washes, as well as in a wide-range of household cleaning products.

Soy Lecithin – Liquid Non-GMO (S1602) rounds out the list of discounted ingredients at 10% off this September only.  Primarily used as an emulsifier, Soy Lecithin – Non-GMO is a naturally derived food additive from soy.   This material can vary from dark orange to brown in color and has a viscous texture.  Soy Lecithin – Liquid Non-GMO acts as a stabilizing agent and surfactant in formulations that include chocolate, ice-cream, processed cheeses and salad dressings.

Use code FBSept18 for 10% off the following:

Canola Oil – Non-GMO (S1100)

Tea Tree Oil – Australian (EHM1141)

Soy Lecithin – Liquid Non-GMO (S1602)

***One Coupon Code per customer.  Cannot be applied to already discounted, tiered pricing or drum pricing***