Anticipating April Discounts

Let’s celebrate the end of a dismal winter with 10% off for the month of April only for the ingredients listed below.  Offered at a great savings are Apricot Kernel Oil (S1010), Peppermint Oil – Arvensis (E1015) and Castor Wax Flakes (B4085).  Please note, the discount applies to gallons, pails, and small pack sizes only; not applicable to drum orders or tiered pricing.

Apricot Kernel Oil (S1010) is the carrier oil highlighted for the month of April.  Scientifically known as Prunis armeniaca, the oil is obtained from the kernels (seeds) from the fruit of the apricot tree.  The oil is fairly light in color and texture and has been cold pressed and refined to result in a slightly nutty flavor.  Apricot Kernel Oil is commonly used in both culinary applications and nutritional supplements.  Because of its emollient properties, Apricot Kernel Oil is a popular addition to skin care products, hair products and cosmetics.

The featured essential oil of the month is Peppermint Oil – Arvensis (E1015).  Commonly referred to as Corn Mint Oil, this popular essential oil is steam distilled extracted and yields a powerful and appealing mint fragrance.  Arvensis Peppermint oil is widely used throughout the food and cosmetic industries, as well as in aromatherapy for its believed therapeutic properties.  Peppermint Arvensis Oil is also used in pest control products.  For the month of April only, get this material at 10% off.

Finally, Castor Wax Flakes, (B4085) are also available at a discount this month.  Also known as hydrogenated castor oil, this vegetable wax comes in a white flake form and has a melting point of 85-88 degrees Celsius.  Produced through the chemical combination of hydrogen and pure castor oil, Castor Wax Flakes are odorless and insoluble in water and are used in a variety of cosmetic and industrial applications.


Use code FBApr2018 for 10% off the following:

Apricot Kernel Oil  (S1010)

Peppermint Oil – Arvensis (E1015)

Castor Wax Flakes (B4085)

One Coupon Code per customer’ cannot be applied to already discounted, tiered pricing or drum pricing***