NEW: High Lignan Virgin Organic Flax Seed Oil

Our latest addition of flax oil is comprised of cold-pressed flax seed oil and partially defatted flax seed powder, carrying a yellow hue with a mild yet characteristic nutty aroma and flavor profile. This organic certified flax seed oil is especially high in lignans, a plant-based polyphenol sought after for specific diets and nutritional supplements.

Among all food sources with a presence of lignans, flax seeds are without question the best source of this polyphenol. As lignans are not naturally present in seed oils after pressing, it has been added to this oil with the defatted flax seed powder.

If you don’t require or desire an elevated lignan level, we have three other options for flax seed oil: Virgin, Virgin Organic, or Refined Organic, which will leave less of an impact on a final product, compared to virgin materials.

Flax seed oil is naturally high in omega-3 Linolenic fatty acids, a desired essential fatty acid that the body cannot naturally produce. It is used in the food and beverage industry in addition to being widely procured to formulate nutraceutical products. Flax seed oil may also be called linseed oil, which may be familiar to those in the arts or furniture-making industries where it is used in oil paints and wood finishes. Bulk flax seed oil can be purchased at wholesale pricing today at!