NEW Product: Propylene Glycol – USP

Our latest addition to our product portfolio is an essential ingredient for several formulations: Propylene Glycol – USP!

As an odorless, colorless, and tasteless liquid, Propylene Glycol – USP is a synthetic fluid largely used across a variety of industries. With an abundance of versatile properties, propylene glycol performs as a solvent to dissolve substances.  As a solvent, it binds materials together and acts as a carrier agent for water-insoluble materials.

For small and large-scale food manufacturing, propylene glycol acts as a thickening agent, anticaking agent, preservative, and moisture retainer. Cosmetic and personal health care manufacturers heavily utilize propylene glycol in their formulations for its humectant and emollient properties, promoting moisturization and hydration of the skin. It may reduce the thickness of a product without requiring the addition of water.

Propylene glycol reduces the freezing point of water and is commonly used to manufacture de-icing fluids and antifreeze.