NEW: Organic Walnut Oil

Welcoming the newest addition to our expanding organic-certified carrier oil selection: Walnut Oil – Organic!

Walnuts are edible seeds from the English Walnut tree, also referred to by its botanical name Juglans regia. This deciduous tree has been a part of human agriculture for centuries, with evidence dating back to the beginning of the Byzantine era. Walnuts are rich in essential fats, protein, and several dietary minerals such as manganese and B vitamins. They are a great standalone snack and a popular additive to baked goods, ice creams, candies, cereals, and other culinary dishes. The use of walnuts doesn’t stop at just the tasty nut inside its hard outer shell; Walnut oil is also a highly favored oil throughout the culinary, cosmetic, personal care, and industrial industries!

Organic walnut oil is cold-pressed extracted from organic walnuts and fully refined through a non-chemical process. This bland neutral oil is naturally high in linoleic acid content, a coveted essential fatty acid for personal-care, cosmetic, and nutraceutical manufacturing. Organic walnut oil is commonly utilized for culinary purposes as a stand-alone cooking oil or incorporated in the production of salad dressings, marinades, and sauces. In addition to cosmetic and culinary applications, this sought-after oil finds use formulations for wood polishes and finishes, or as a binder with oil paints.

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