NEW: Star Anise – Organic

Searching for an organic certified Star Anise oil? We got you covered!

Star Anise, also known by its botanical name Illicium verum, is a medium-sized flowering tree native to northeast Vietnam and southwest China. The star-shaped seed pods of the fruit are collected, dried, and used as a spice in wide range of culinary applications. Star Anise is cultivated for commercial use in China, India, and many other countries throughout Asia. The spice may be referred to by various common names such as Badian or Chinese Star Anise and is an integral part of the Chinese Five Spice: a combination of clove, fennel, star anise, cinnamon, and Sichuan pepper. Star Anise yields a strong, characteristic aroma and flavor profile, similar to black licorice.

In addition to the dried spice, Star Anise is used to create an essential oil: Star Anise Oil! Organic Star anise oil is steam-distilled from the crushed seeds yielding a translucent, light to pale yellow oil with a characteristic potent aroma. Due to it being highly fragrant, organic Star Anise oil is incorporated in cosmetic and personal-care formulations such as perfumes, soaps, mouthwashes, toothpastes, and skin creams. Organic Star Anise oil is frequently used as a concentrated flavoring agent within the food and beverage manufacturing industries.

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