NEW: Tung Oil

On the hunt for an oil to apply a strong, lasting finish to your latest creation? You’re in luck because we’ve added Tung Oil to our product catalog! This fast-drying liquid is a highly preferred oil for sealing raw materials to protect from potentially harmful elements. Tung oil has been used for thousands of years due to its unique longevity and superior protective qualities. This dark-honey-colored oil is pressed from the seeds of the Tung tree, a native Chinese deciduous plant.

How does tung oil work, you may be asking? It can interact differently depending on the material it’s applied to and how porous the material is.  For example, on wood, a material that almost always requires a finish, tung oil seeps into the cells of the wood, drying and curing to become part of the wood as opposed to leaving a film sitting on top. Old furniture, carpentry, or stone can be revitalized with a touch of tung oil. The gloss of the final product will correspond with the amount of oil used in an application. Most users of tung oil thin it with a mineral spirit to speed up drying time.

Tung oil is used on its own to deepen and enhance the natural quality of a material or may be combined with other components to quicken drying time and create a different color or texture when fully cured. It is non-toxic and food safe, great for protecting butcher blocks, cutting boards, wooden utensils, or other culinary implements from water damage. Toys, musical instruments, furniture, decks, fences, and siding are among other everyday items often defended from destructive elements like heat, water, rust, and acid with a thin layer of Tung oil.

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