Small Business Spotlight: Udderly Wonderful

For our small business spotlight this March, we’re showcasing Udderly Wonderful! As you can imagine by their name, this company makes natural products formulated with Goat Milk… and Jedwards ingredients!

Diana started Udderly Wonderful roughly 9 years ago, after dealing with dry and cracked hands from farm work. With her very own goat’s soothing milk, she was fortunately able to formulate products to rehydrate and restore damaged skin. To complement the nourishing properties of the milk, additional hydration is achieved with shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, and almond oil. A lovely fragrance and beneficial attributes are added with Myrrh and Lavender essential oils.

If you’re interested in trying out her products, just a few of her top selling items we’d like to highlight are:

Udderly Wonderful Hand Crème

Udderly Wonderful Body & Facial Soaps

Udderly Wonderful Soothing Foot Crème

If you’re anything like us New Englanders up here and benefit with intentional hydration for your skin, visit today! Read the full interview below.