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The Latest in Our Organic Essential Oil Inventory

If you primarily source organic certified essential oils, set aside some time to review our expanded selection! Some of our top selling oils were previously only offered as conventional and over the last year, we added a handful of new organic certified options.   

Here’s a quick snipped of new organic essential oils added since the beginning of 2022: 

Camphor Oil – Organic:
  Notable for its fresh scent! Harvested from the Cinnamomum camphora tree, it is found in aromatherapy, topical decongestants, medical creams, pain relief balms, and other personal care items.

Wintergreen Oil – Organic:  A popular refreshing aroma and flavor with a minty twist. It is found as a flavoring agent in gum and some beverages, used to add scent to products (particularly around the holidays), and added to some pesticides as the smell and chemicals may be off-putting to insects! As it uniquely contains methyl salicylate, wintergreen oil is sometimes added to pain-relieving topical products.

Ginger Oil – Organic: Extracted from the dried rhizomes of the ginger plant, this warming oil is often diluted down and ingested for its potential anti-inflammatory properties. It may be encapsulated or used as an ingredient in food preparation.

Litsea Cubeba Oil – Organic:
Obtained from the fruit of a Southern Chinese native evergreen, also referred to as the aromatic litsea or may chang. With an appealing lemon scent, it is most utilized for adding fragrance to soaps, perfumes, or lotions.

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