Small Business Spotlight: Sowing Seeds Hemp Farm & Nature’s Hippie

This month, we’re thrilled to showcase Wendy Smith, owner of two American-grown wellness companies: Sowing Seeds Hemp Farm and Nature’s Hippie. Sowing Seeds Hemp Farm sells hemp and CBD based edibles, pet products, topicals, and tinctures, while Nature’s Hippie focuses on plant-based body products to nourish your skin. Both product lines focus on Wendy’s passion: natural living, a philosophy she shares with as many people as possible.

Their formulations incorporate organic, raw, and natural ingredients which is no surprise given their main emphasis on natural being evident in the names of these companies. Nature’s Hippie certainly speaks for itself, while Sowing Seeds is a triple reference: to scripture, planting seeds as an idea, and physically planting in the soil. With eleven years into running these businesses, Wendy truly loves everything she and her product line stand for.

Give their products a try and check out their Raw Hemp Tincture from Sowing Seeds Hemp Farm! You can’t go wrong with any of their soaps or facial products from Nature’s Hippie either. You can view Wendy’s complete product lines with additional information at and If you’re in the Eastern Tennessee area, you can find them sold locally at select locations, or at a farmer’s market around Pikeville and Chattanooga! Check their website for dates and locations.

Read below for Wendy’s full interview!