New Antioxidant Rich Oil: Virgin Buah Merah Oil

Looking for an exotic new oil with an extra antioxidant kick? Our latest product addition is definitely a contender. We’ve recently added Buah Merah Oil to our ever-growing product line, a viscous red oil cold-pressed extracted from the fruit of the Pandanus conoidus plant. It is believed that Buah Merah fruit is one of the highest antioxidant yielding fruits found in nature. 

Buah Merah fruit is likely unfamiliar to many of us in the West as it is native to New Guinea, having been used in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia for food applications and folk medicine.  This fruit gained significant exposure in 2002 when a Doctor released results of his research highlighting the benefits of using this as a form of alternative medicine.    

Buah Merah contains considerable amounts of Alpha tocopherol, a powerful antioxidant. It’s also naturally high in beta-Carotene content, an antioxidant which converts to Vitamin A (retinol) when consumed. Vitamin A is believed to positively impact the skin and often an integral component of skincare regimens.    Antioxidants are often used in cosmetic and personal-care products to promote the reduction or prevention of signs of aging.  High antioxidant content is popular in food and beverage items for potential health benefits and preserving shelf life.

Another positive draw to using Buah Merah oil is its naturally occurring content of omega fatty acids, particularly Oleic Acid, an omega-9 fatty acid. Fatty acids are highly emollient and desired ingredients in cosmetics and a wide range of personal care items. Buah Merah Oil contains selenium, an essential mineral required for cellular function in many species. These properties have increased the trend of utilizing Buah Merah oil throughout the nutraceutical industry.

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