green palm tree

New: Palm Kernel Oil – Wild Organic

Wild Organic Palm Kernel Oil is our latest addition to our selection of plant based oils. Palm oil is one of the most popular ingredients in the market, as palm trees yield one of the highest amounts of oil per plant. The term “wild” in the name of this new product refers to the fact that it is wild harvested by the native people of the region in which it grows.

“Palm Oil” typically refers to oil that comes from the fruit, though we distinguish ours specifically as palm fruit oil. This latest addition is a palm kernel oil, meaning it is extracted from the inner seed of palm fruit. This oil is unique in that it comes from the Dura species of Palm tree. Dura palm trees are the father of the hybrid tree Tenera, from which most palm oil is sourced.

Palm Kernel Oil is frequently opted for instead of palm fruit oil in industries like soap-making. Palm kernel oil is stiffer than palm fruit oil and has a higher lauric acid content. Lauric acid contributes to a harder soap bar and good lather. Palm kernel oil also contains a moderate percentage of oleic acid, which adds a conditioning property to cleansing products. In the culinary industry, palm kernel oil has a higher percentage of saturated fats, so palm fruit oil is often the choice as an ingredient and for cooking or food preparation. 

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