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Make Life Sweeter With Our Organic & Non-GMO Erythritol

Do you have a nagging sweet tooth, but want to avoid traditional cane sugar for its fix? While sugar is addictively delicious, it certainly isn’t the best sweetener choice for consumers who follow are required or prefer to follow a low to no sugar lifestyle. Many of those out there often use a top sugar-alternative sweetener known as erythritol!

Erythritol is a popular substitute for cane sugar as it has a similar level of sweetness to sugar, though not as strong. Its calorie count is low enough that it is often described as a zero-calorie sweetener. Erythritol has a unique cooling effect on the mouth, like mint without the flavor. This sweetener is often combined with other sugar replacements to reduce the cooling effect or enhance the sweetness of a product.

Erythritol is a relatively recent commodity as it was commercialized by Japanese markets in 1990 as a sugar alcohol. However, low amounts of erythritol are found in some fruits and fermented products like cheese, beer and wine! We simply didn’t know of its existence until it was discovered by chemist John Stenhouse in the mid-19th century.

Jedwards offers three varieties of Erythritol. Two of these are granules: Erythritol – Non-GMO Granules and our Certified Organic Granules. Granular erythritol is visually identical to table sugar. In food and beverage manufacturing, granules can be utilized to formulate sugar-free baked goods, lozenges, hard candies, chocolates, carbonated beverages, and sport drinks.

The other option is our Non-GMO Erythritol Powder. With much smaller crystals, this material is finer in texture, comparable to confectioner’s sugar. Like any powder versus granulated crystals, powder dissolves easier in liquid. Powdered sugar and powdered sugar replacements are the choice for smoother consistency desserts like cake frosting, meringue, and mousse. Powdered erythritol may also be used to coat desserts, fruit, and coating sugar-free gum.

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