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Highlighting Some of our Keto Friendly Ingredients

Today is National Keto Day, celebrating the popular diet in which one drastically cuts their carbohydrate intake while increasing their consumption of fats and proteins. The reasoning behind this is to trigger a state in the body referred to as ketosis in which the body uses fat as an energy source instead of carbs.

If you’re looking to formulate low-carb, keto friendly products, Jedwards offers many ingredients for you! While animal fat based products are the star of a keto diet, many plant based products are great to supplement many dishes.


Just because this diet bans sugar doesn’t mean the food has to lack sweetness! There are many alternative sweeteners that have a low glycemic index or contain zero calories. They can be added in place of sugar in much lower amounts, as many alternative sweeteners are more extreme in taste than sugar. We carry a variety of these flavor boosting ingredients, but here are three popular keto sweeteners we offer:


Many plant oils are keto-friendly, for making dressings or cooking, but super-fatty oils are favored. Unsaturated fats are sought after in many diets even outside of keto due to it being a beneficial fat. Our selection of plant oils is certainly vast, but here are four oils that are popular among many health-conscious communities:

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