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Our Honey – Raw – Organic is Now Non-GMO Certified!

We’d like to share the news buzzing around here! Our Honey, both Raw & Organic, is now certified by the Non-GMO Project!

Intrinsically, this single organic honey ingredient can’t be anything other than non-GMO, right? So, why would it need certification, and how is that even determined?

Well, bees must get their nectar from somewhere, and often, the flowering plants and crops they tend to visit have potential to be genetically modified! Here’s how it’s determined from the Non-GMO Project themselves, concerning products that contain honey: “…we require documentation showing that the 4-mile radius surrounding the beehives is free from all high-risk commercial agriculture and that any supplemental feed is compliant with our standard.”

On average, bees will not travel further than 4 miles to obtain the necessary pollen for supplying their hive—so non-GMO honey simply means the crops they take from have to be non-genetically modified for certification, as well as any additional food the bees may take in from the beekeeper.

Why certify?

Many consumers prefer to have concrete certification or documentation showing their product has not been altered in any way that doesn’t naturally occur from hybridization or crossbreeding. Obtaining certification takes the burden off the consumer to know whether or not this product has been in contact with GMOs. We aim to certify our products as accurately as possible to be transparent and open with you!

Honey is a fantastic natural sweetener, used for teas, desserts, adding balance to spicy or savory dishes, and more. It’s one of the most popular folk and home remedies, with its usage dating back thousands of years. (As a gentle reminder, do not give infants any amount of honey!)

Honey can also be found in some skin and hair care products! Honey contains many antioxidants, a popular skincare component. It may also possess antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents, sought after for reducing redness and preventing or clearing up breakouts.

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