NEW: Refined Hemp Seed Oil – Conventional & Organic

Have you been wanting to use Hemp Seed Oil, but find it too potent for your tastes? Well, Jedwards has some good news for you as we’ve just added Refined Hemp Seed Oil to our product line! We’re supplying not only a conventional refined hemp oil, but an Organic variant as well.

These natural oils are filtered twice, deodorized, and removed of as much color as possible. Refined Hemp Seed Oil is transparent but retains a yellow color. It carries a mild characteristic aroma and flavor profile but is significantly blander than its unrefined counterpart. Both refined oils are suitable for cosmetic usage and food and beverage manufacturing

Hemp Seed Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant and is not to be confused with a full spectrum CBD oil that we are seeing more and more of on the market.

Maybe you’ve never used Hemp Seed Oil and are wondering why so many others do. Hemp Seed Oil is extremely high in linoleic acid content and has a moderate content of alpha-linolenic, oleic, and palmitic acids. Fatty acids such as these are sought after for their potential benefits on the skin and human health.

In the cosmetic industry, Hemp Seed Oil tends to act as an emollient and anti-inflammatory agent. Many users feel it is not overly greasy and does not clog up pores. It can be found in lotions, hair care, serums, balms, salves, soaps, and many more!

Some choose to take Hemp Seed Oil in gel capsule form as an alternative to fish oils for essential fatty acids. People may also consume this oil for possible anti-inflammatory benefits. It can be used as a cooking oil and is even found in some natural toothpastes.

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Header image credit fluffymuppet@Flickr