Price Drop: Natural Magnesium Chloride – Dead Sea

Chemical compounds make the world go-’round! Well, not literally, but we’d be nothing without minerals and elements. Jedwards has been a supplier of Natural Magnesium Chloride – Dead Sea (D1020) we slashed our price just for you! Our Magnesium Chloride comes in the form of small, white flakes, and is sourced from the brine of the Dead Sea. This type is often known as hydrated magnesium chloride.

Both magnesium and chloride are naturally occurring substances in our bodies and the world around us. Magnesium is an essential nutrient in every form of life. It is the fourth most common element found on Earth. Plants also require magnesium in order to produce chlorophyll. In nature, chloride is primarily in seawater. It is also a very important electrolyte for our bodies as it keeps our fluid levels balanced and regulated. That’s what the two parts do as individual elements, but what do people use Magnesium Chloride for?

Though a salt, Magnesium Chloride is not intended for culinary or food usage! It can be used industrially, commercially, and personally.

Consider stocking up on Magnesium Chloride for cold, stormy days—it’s one powerful de-icer! It is less damaging to concrete and the environment than other chloride-based products. On its own or with a rock salt blend, many snow and ice removal companies opt to use magnesium chloride in their salt spreaders.

Industrial and personal sea-water aquariums often add magnesium chloride to their tanks to create a healthier mineral content for aquatic life. Soil that does not have optimal mineral levels can sometimes be corrected or balanced with the addition of magnesium chloride.

Salt baths are an extremely popular relaxation technique for many people. Those who soak in magnesium chloride baths reported an improvement in managing pain. Many companies that create these bath products advertise its anti-inflammatory properties for muscular pain and skin irritation.

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