New Year, New Hobby: Soapmaking!

With the calendar officially turning to 2021, many people will be starting their New Year’s Resolutions. While some might be to cut out a certain activity, there are numerous individuals who would like to add something new to their lives. Soapmaking is a great hobby, and the Stephenson Melt & Pour Soap Bases make it easy and fun!

Soap is an essential part of everyday life, but so many people just grab whatever is in reach at their local drugstore. As a society, we are continuing to try and take care of our bodies in the best way possible. But so many do not realize that the largest organ in the body is actually skin, and it should be cared for in the same way as any other organ.

Traditional soap making is something that takes a decent amount of effort and time, and that can be a turn-off for many of us that have a busy day to day. That is where the Stephenson Melt & Pour Soap Bases come in! It really is as simple as melting the soap base and then pouring your mix into whatever molds you would like to use. The best part is you can add whatever you would like to this, so your soap can be exactly what you desire.

So, you’ve embarked on this new journey to be an amateur soapmaker. Now, what bases exactly should you try? With the cold winter months upon us, a perfect base would be the Crystal Carrot Cucumber & Aloe! Packed with vitamins and Omega-6 fatty acids, this is a perfect base to help your skin recover from the harsh conditions that this season brings.

Also, take a look at the Crystal SP SG (Sustainable Palm Oil). This base carries a neutral aroma and opaque appearance, which makes the possibilities of a final product endless! And the best part, it is made using sustainable palm oil which means no products in this base contribute to the destruction of palm’s natural habitat.

Making your own soap is the New Year’s resolution you can stick with throughout the year. With these Stephenson Melt & Pour Soap Bases, they make the process of soap making efficient and effective. You can cross an item off of your shopping list, and your finished soaps make great gifts for any potential birthdays or holidays. Visit our website to look at all of the different soap bases, and while you’re there check out our other products to inspire new ideas for fragrances for your soaps!