Natural Savings in September!

It is hard to imagine that the summer of 2020 is quickly coming to an end with only a few short weeks remaining! As the season of Autumn begins, the hot summer days will be replaced with less humid, cooler days, along with some chilly nights. Fall is a favorite time of year for many in New England with the season offering apple picking, hiking, corn mazes, and pumpkin picking, filled with picturesque, vibrant colors throughout its forestry and foothills. Jedwards is kicking off the new season by offering 15% off the following items for the month of September. Just enter FBSEP20 at checkout on to receive your  savings off select items below!

Carob Powder – Roasted Organic (G1300)

A fine grain very similar to Cocoa Powder in both aroma and color. Originated from the ground pods of the Carob tree, it is a common ingredient throughout the food and beverage industry as a substitute for chocolate with its lower fat content, free of caffeine, and a natural source of fiber.

Jojoba Butter – Golden (B4083)

A multi-use creamy material that carries a characteristic golden-yellow appearance. Derived from natural jojoba seed oil and blended with vegetable oil and beeswax, it is a common ingredient in massage therapy and skincare products for its moisturizing properties.

Macadamia Nut Oil – Virgin Organic (S1315)

Relatively stable with resistance to oxidation, this oil is characteristic in color with a nutty aroma. Originated from the kernels of the tree’s fruit, it is a common ingredient found in the skincare and culinary industries.

Jojoba Butter – White (B4082)

A multi-use creamy material that carries a white appearance, derived from colorless jojoba seed oil blended with vegetable oil and beeswax. It is found in many skincare formulations, body balms, hair conditioners, lotions, and after-sun care creams.

Palmarosa Oil (E1120)

An essential oil that is colorless to pale yellow with an herbaceous lemon-like fresh aroma, derived from the fresh or dried leaves of the tropical Palmarosa plant. It is a popular ingredient in the personal care industry.

M&P Soap Base Crystal Suspending (C1075)

A product of Stephenson, providing suspension properties of particles, and is used to easily manufacturer soap bars. Simply melt to a liquid and pour into a soap tray of you choice.

Please note, one coupon per customer and cannot be applied to already discounted, tiered, or drum pricing.