November’s Notable Savings

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Jedwards International is giving thanks to our customers by offering 10% off the following amazing raw ingredients.  November is the perfect time to infuse some of your recipes and formulas with Extra Virgin Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil (S1465).  This rich, olive-green, unrefined oil has a characteristic nutty pumpkin smell and flavor.  The healthy fats  found in EVO Pumpkin Seed Oil are a big part of this antioxidant-rich oil’s nutritional profile.  This oil is most commonly used for culinary applications and cosmetics as an ingredient in skin creams, lotions, balms and massage oils.  Please note, discount applies to gallons and pails only, not applicable to drum orders.

Take advantage of 10% saving on essential oil Eucalyptus, Smithii Organic (EHM1051) this November only.  The leaves of the eucalyptus plant from South Africa are steam distilled resulting in a clear pale-yellow liquid and notable, distinguished aroma.  The wide ranging applications for non-food-grade Organic Smithii  Eucalyptus range from aromatherapy to insect repellent to  household cleaning products.

Finally, November seems like a great time to spread the buzz about Yellow Granules Beeswax (B4010) at 10% off!  Beeswax is the perfect addition to products such as lip balm, candles, and envelope sealers, as well as skin moisturizers and body creams, due to its emollient and humectant properties.  It has also become an important ingredient in the up and coming men’s market for beard/moustache wax and hair pomades.  The structure of the granules provides ease in melting for most formulations.  Use the discount codes below to apply the 10% discount today!

Use code: FBNov2017 for 10% off the following:

Extra Virgin Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil  – (S1465-P, S1465-G)

Eucalyptus – Organic Smithii Oil (EHM1051)

Beeswax – Yellow Granules (B4010)

***One Coupon Code per customer;
cannot be applied to already discounted, tiered pricing or drum pricing***