Illipe and Kokum Butters: Cocoa and Mango Butter Siblings

In the midst of the cocoa and shea butter popularity, some of our other superb butters can get forgotten. Jedwards sells bulk illipe and kokum butter, two excellent ingredients for cosmetics and soap making. Illipe butter is a natural substitute for cocoa butter—they have similar melting points and fatty acid profiles. However, illipe butter has higher tocopherols and provides barrier protection, so astute cosmetics makers prefer it for their winter formulations. Like cocoa butter, its high ratios of palmitic and stearic acids (20% and 42%), makes it a valuable moisturizer.

Kokum butter has a much higher melting point than the other butters — 38˚C to 40˚C — and therefore creates a much thicker consistency for your formulations. Using kokum butter in your soap means you can use less wax and achieve a softer bar. It has a similar fatty acid profile to the other butters, but it is best compared with mango butter, another astringent butter sold in bulk at Jedwards.

It seems as if Summer only just arrived, but we have the products to help your skin and hair survive the winter! Try our butters in your soaps, creams and other formulations!