We Loved Seeing You at the HSCG Annual Conference!

Over the previous week, Jedwards exhibited and sponsored the annual HSCG conference, held in Hartford, CT this year. If you were in attendance, you likely met our sales team members Kathy and Debbie, who did an excellent job running our booth! HSCG once again hosted a fantastic event elevated by fun attendees, vendors, and party-themed nights!

The first night on Thursday was particularly unique and new to the conference, a Street Fair themed night. Inspired by boardwalks and night markets, HSCG asked vendors to decorate their booth in a unique way that spoke to their products or best-selling ingredient. We opted to celebrate one of our best-selling versatile ingredients, distributed globally by us, Sunflower oil! With a rustic theme of sunflower decorations and bright lights, no one was able to miss us!  The ambiance of the night was lively and energizing, completed with food, a cash bar, and a 3-piece jazz band!

On Friday, we began doling out our samples of oils, butters, and waxes with custom souvenirs such as our oil drum coin banks, sunglasses, and pallet coasters. Of course, we had our classic spin-the-wheel game where attendees won prizes such as vouchers and free gallon offers! Friday night’s masquerade ball was a sight to be seen, the outfits and masques did not disappoint! 

On the final day of this year’s HSCG, Saturday May 18th,  we wrapped up by handing out the rest of our complimentary goodies and saying our goodbyes. We were honored to receive a shoutout from HSCG for our continued support over the years. Jedwards was so delighted to be able to attend, meet our customers, and form new connections from people all over the country. We can’t wait to come back and hope to see you all again next year in Reno, Nevada!