NEW: Palm Stearin – RSPO IP

Jedwards is expanding its responsibly sourced palm product line with the addition of RSPO Palm Stearin – Identity Preserved!   Palm oil, derived from the fruit of Elaeis guineensis, often goes through a fractionation process to separate the raw material into different parts with diverse physical properties. Palm stearin is one of these fractions, yielding high levels of saturated fats, particularly stearic acid, which give it a solid consistency at room temperature.

Palm stearin is highly versatile with widespread usage spanning multiple industries. In the food industry, palm stearin is crucial to food processing and manufacturing. As a harder material, it is advantageous in margarines, shortenings, and baked goods for structure and texture. It is commonly used in the production of fried foods due to its higher smoke point.

Palm oil and palm stearin are very popular in cosmetic products for moisturizing and emollient properties, utilized in makeup, soaps, lotions, creams, hair products, and other personal care items targeting dry skin.

Palm stearin may be used to manufacture candles due to its high melting point. Other industrial uses of this plant-based material include detergents, lubricants, adhesives, and biofuels.

While this material has a variety of uses and benefits, it’s extremely important to address sustainability concerns surrounding our new Palm Stearin. Jedwards is committed to supplying responsibly sourced palm oil that has been approved by the RSPO, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, an organization whose goal is to ensure that palm oil is produced and harvested in an environmentally and socially sound manner.

This palm stearin carries one of four RSPO certifications, IP (Identity Preserved). IP carries the highest and strongest level of sustainable guarantee with traceability of each lot of palm oil back to the field of origin. With Identify Preserved sustainable palm stearin oil, the entire batch of palm oil is from a single identifiable certified source and kept separate from all non-certified batches.

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Image by freepik