NEW: Rosemary Extract 5% – Organic

Our latest product addition is derived from a well-loved, fragrant herb: rosemary! This shrub has usage dating as far back as 5000 BCE, utilized in folk medicine, cooking, fragrances, and cosmetic applications. There’s no need to grow your own when you can harness the beautiful aroma and benefits of this plant in Jedwards’ new Rosemary Extract 5% – Certified Organic!

Organic Rosemary Extract 5% is obtained from dried rosemary leaves via ethanol extraction, and is combined with the common carrier oil, sunflower oil. It is dark yellow-green to brown in color with a mild characteristic herbaceous aroma. The 5% notation in the name refers to its minimum content of 5% carnosic acid, a natural diterpene found in rosemary and sage, which is sought after for powerful antioxidant properties.

Rosemary Extract is a popular ingredient in cosmetics and personal health care items, such as serums, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, and other skin and haircare products. In food and beverage formulations, it’s often used as a flavor enhancer, preservative, and in place of synthetic additives so manufacturers can maintain clean label claims.

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