brown sliced soaps

Create Soap Easily With Melt and Pour Soap Bases

Crafting large amounts of soap is easier than you think and we owe it all to our melt and pour soap bases! Jedwards International supplies a wide range of bases made from a variety of materials. They require no specialized equipment; just heat, add any desired extra ingredients, and pour into a mold!

Soap making is a versatile craft: people create solid opaque bars, transparent bars, scented soaps that are citrus themed, floral themed, or food and drink themed! They can surprisingly be nearly any shape due to the availability of molds. Different consumers require different soaps based on their skincare needs and scent preference. Our solid white and colorless clear bases are fantastic options for any soap intended for a specific appearance, such as when colorants are added!

Sensitive skin types may prefer African Black or Aloe Vera based soaps as they are gentle and potentially soothing on the skin. Those seeking to remedy dry skin may desire moisturizing soaps. Bases containing goat’s milk, donkey’s milk, or argan oil are high in nutrients and moisture.

Manufacturing for hot and wet climates? Crystal No Sweat base is resistant to sweating, a natural occurrence due to humidity.

Some of our melt and pour bases are also Vegan-friendly or RSPO approved. And if you want to avoid soap entirely, Syndopour is a melt and pour cleanser base that contains no soap.  Check out more of our Stephenson Soap Making supplies at at every day wholesale pricing.