Sal Butter Is Back!

You butter believe it: we’ve brought Sal Butter back to our catalog. This natural ingredient is a popular component for topical personal care products. Extracted from the seeds of the Shorea robusta tree, the butter is refined into an off-white solid at room temperature material with minimal odor. Shorea robusta is native to India and has been used in that region for centuries as a healing and protective element for the skin.

Sal Butter is uniquely plentiful in uniform triglycerides, which may help oxidative stability, increasing the shelf life of products. Stearic acid and oleic acid are found in high percentages, which are two fatty acids known for their emollient properties.

With natural and clean skincare rising in popularity, many formulators are using straight from the earth ingredients such as Sal Butter. This non-greasy material is a perfect addition for lotions, creams, conditioners, hair masks, soaps, or any product that needs a moisturizing element.

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