New Sweetener Product: Dextrose Monohydrate

Dextrose Monohydrate, abbreviated as DMH, is a natural monosaccharide and carbohydrate. This simple sugar, also known as D-Glucose, has fewer calories with a less sweet flavor profile by 20-30% than sucrose, your typical refined sugar. This raw material is sourced from cornstarch, carrying no odor. People who require or prefer less sucrose in their diet often choose DMH as their sweetener.

Glucose was first isolated in the 18th century and named roughly 100 years later. D-Glucose is the only form of glucose found in nature, but glucose groups overall are the most occurring organic group– found in fruit, nectar, leaves, and blood. You may have learned this fact in school science classes:  Glucose is a main energy source for plants and animals!

Formulators often opt to use Dextrose Monohydrate in place of table sugar for products that require a lower sugar content or calorie claim, or if your product simply requires a more mild sweet flavor profile. It can be found in baked goods, powdered beverage mixes, syrups, ice creams, glazes, and other culinary applications.

This is also a popular alternative sugar for sports nutrition and nutraceutical products. In oral capsules, dextrose monohydrate may be used as a binding agent. Other health products may include this ingredient as a necessary component, or for sweetness without the risk of a high sugar content.

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