garlic bulbs on brown surface

New: Conventional Garlic Oil

Last year, we added Organic Garlic Oil to our catalog. If you’re one to avoid the higher price tag that comes with certified organic products, our new conventional variety of Garlic Oil is for you!

Garlic enhances any meal and is found as a culinary staple in many cultures. Before modern medicine, garlic was among many plants and extracts believed to have beneficial effects on the body. How it came to be a ward against vampires in folklore isn’t completely known, but some historians believe it relates to vampiric-like diseases and sulfur hypersensitivity.

Garlic Oil is steam distilled from the crushed bulbs of the garlic plant (botanical name Allium sativum). It is orange to yellow in color and carries a characteristic garlic smell, courtesy of its sulfuric makeup. It can be found as an ingredient in food manufacturing as a flavoring agent. Don’t mistake this for a garlic-infused oil, this pure oil is straight from the source and extremely potent: a little drop goes a long way!

Garlic’s role in folk medicine may be connected to a belief that garlic may contain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic Oil may be used in formulating nutritional supplements, or cleaners that focus on using natural ingredients.

Add it to your food, make a natural cleaning solution, or defend against Dracula with Garlic Oil. Find this and more natural ingredients at wholesale prices at!