New Product: Cocoa Paste White Chips – Vegan Organic

Love white chocolate, but avoiding dairy? Our new product is just for you! Cocoa Paste White Chips – Vegan Organic are little drops of cocoa butter flavored goodness. This white chocolate alternative contains no dairy additives or dairy allergens. The tempered paste that forms these chips is comprised of 45% cocoa butter, with the remaining ingredients being cane sugar, starch tapioca, rice syrup powder, rice maltodextrin, and vanilla.

These small drops are off-white in appearance with a subtle cocoa aroma and sweet flavor characteristic of tapioca and vanilla. For companies looking to create vegan-friendly or allergy-friendly goods, these drops are great for adding to dairy-free candies, confections, ice creams, baked goods, or snack mixes.

Did we say allergy-friendly? Yep! If you have common allergies to avoid, this product is free of 14 allergens including the 8 major allergens: Milk, Tree Nuts, Eggs, Wheat, Fish, Peanuts, Shellfish and Soybeans. Allergen statements are available upon request!

Find these dairy-free vegan white chips and more cocoa products at wholesale pricing at!