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Contribute to Cruelty Free Industries

While cruelty free products are necessary for a vegan lifestyle, you don’t need to follow a vegan diet to support initiatives in favor of eliminating practices that harm animals or provide them with sub-par treatment. Many consumers agree that animal testing is unnecessary today with our history and knowledge of the products we use. Furthermore, technology allows us to test on human cells, computer models, and other non-animal trials that will yield more accurate results on how humans will respond to certain ingredients without harming any sentient thing.

2021 experienced several wins with leaps and strides made for the cruelty free cause. Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia joined California, Nevada and Illinois in ending sales of cosmetics that have been animal-tested or any product made with an ingredient tested on animals. Mexico became the first country in North America to do this as well—in addition to banning production of such cosmetics. This new legislation adds another country to the tally of at least 40 other countries that limit or ban animal-testing for cosmetics to date. 

As the consumer market becomes more mindful and conscious of its spending, there is an increased demand in seeking out products labeled as cruelty-free. We at Jedwards International strive to support this positive initiative by strategically sourcing and requiring non-testing declarations as part of the approval process.  We regularly execute Leaping Bunny statements to provide our customer base with documentation so they can produce their product lines with confidence as well as communicate to their target markets.   

In addition to cruelty-free cosmetic ingredients, we supply a variety of food and nutraceutical vegan-friendly items! If you’re craving chocolate, dark or white, we have you covered. Our Bittersweet Chocolate Chips are milk-free, and so is our latest cocoa product: White Chips – Organic. These newly added Vegan White Chips are formulated with tapioca starch and rice products instead of dairy. For those looking to gain marine-based omega-3’s, we have algae oil in liquid and soft-gel capsule form. This algae is lab grown and does not disrupt local food chains.

Whether you choose to consume animal products or not, the movement to stop animal cruelty is steadily gaining traction which has positively lead to new innovative vegan products brought to market on a regular basis.  Help support the cause and try our Vegan Cocoa Chips today!