GO NUTS: It’s National Pecan Day!

Nuts are an integral part of modern living. From being in snacks to using their oils in multiple applications, they are all around us! In the pantheon of nuts and their uses, one of the most overlooked nuts is the pecan. With April 14th being National Pecan Day, it seems fitting that we shine a light on one of the most underrated nuts in the world.

A member of the hickory family, the pecan is native to the southern part of the United States. The term pecan traces its origin to an Algonquin word, which means “a nut requiring a stone to crack.” Underneath that shell is a nut that is akin to a Swiss-Army knife. Everyone knows about how great pecans are to eat, either as a snack or in one of the best holiday desserts: an indulgent pecan pie. But when this nut is expeller pressed (squeezed under high pressure), it results in Pecan Oil (S1420): an oil that has many great uses.

People have been using nut oils to cook with for a long time, and these oils help bring out a nutty flavor in the final product. Pecan Oil is a great substitute for vegetable or olive oil in salad dressings/dips, as the distinct pecan flavor can really take your homemade dressings to that next level! Also, pecan oil is full of monounsaturated fats, which are healthy fats and an integral part of a balanced diet. Adding a spoonful to your morning oatmeal can spice things up and give you that boost of energy you need to take on your day.

But the benefits of Pecan Oil are not just limited to the kitchen. Pecan Oil has a multitude of cosmetic applications due to many of its great properties. This oil is a clear, pale yellow liquid that is almost odorless, making it a perfect carrier oil for any of your products that you might want to pair essential oils with. Also, Pecan Oil is loaded with vitamins A and E, making it a perfect ingredient in any anti-aging product as they help to fight wrinkles and pigmentation on the skin. Finally, pecans are rich in magnesium making their oil a natural anti-inflammatory.

While nuts like peanuts, almonds, and cashews get all the love, every now and again we need to appreciate a different member of the nut family. Pecans are a great nut, and their oil is extremely useful across multiple applications. On National Pecan Day check out our Pecan Oil offering, as well as everything else we offer here at Jedwards International!