New Holiday: 3/3 is Global Omega-3 Day!

A new global holiday is being initiated by the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3’s (GOED)—I’m sure you can guess based on their name that the holiday is Global Omega-3 Day! It was actually yesterday, March 3rd—3/3, get it?—and was the very “celebration” by GOED. These fatty acids are essential to human health and function, but on average, people don’t often get enough DHA and EPA. We at Jedwards encourage you to research the many published studies on the connection between Omega-3 acids and beneficial effects on hair, skin, and health!

While this holiday doesn’t have much traction yet, consider it for all your social media calendars next year. In the meantime, you can check out our Omega-3 products from two different sources—marine animal and marine plant-based!

Marine-based Omega-3’s are the most common source of Omega-3 products. We have a variety of fish-sourced oils, high in DHA or EPA! They also contain essential vitamins like A and D. If you’re vegan or sell vegan-products, our 40% DHA Algae Oil is 100% for you! Lab-grown & made entirely from algae, with our gel capsules also containing seaweed, this product contains no animal products and has no disruption to natural food chains.

Omega-3 oils are typically consumed, but you can absolutely find many of these oils as a part of high-end cosmetics, particularly in skincare as ingredients for moisturizers and serums.

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