Now Available: Chamomile Oil – Blue Organic

It’s in gardens, bouquets, candles, and teas, but it’s also the source of a popular essential oil. What is “it?” Chamomile! We’ve offered Chamomile Oil – Roman Organic (EHM1039) and a conventional Chamomile Oil – Blue (E1205) in the past, and now we’re adding Chamomile Oil – Blue Organic (E1207)!

Chamomile, a flower of the family Asteraceae, is an extremely popular ingredient among a variety of applications. Blue Chamomile Oil is extracted by steam distilling fresh or dried flowering tops of Chamomilla matricaria. This oil is unique as many essential oils are light golden, but this oil can vary in color from deep blue to a greenish-blue!

The sweet, floral aroma is soothing and pleasant. It’s often used in aromatherapy to create a relaxing environment. In cosmetics and personal care, its added to lotions, massage oils, deodorants, and bathing products. The oil is said to be anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant, making it desirable for formulations.

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