October is Fair Trade Month

October is a favorite month of ours at Jedwards! Aside from the surrounding beautiful scenery and ideal weather conditions we are fortunate enough to embrace in New England, the entire month is dedicated to recognizing the importance of fair trade. What exactly is “Fair Trade,” you may be asking? For those who are not familiar, it is an exceptional global movement that we here at Jedwards take pride in being a part of. The fair-trade movement was launched to connect disadvantaged producers to lively, global markets. According to Fair Trade International, “there are over 25 national fair-trade organizations and marketing organizations that market and promote fair-trade products in consumer countries.” Its an honest way to make a difference in the lives of the makers who produce goods many consumers use daily. Fair-trade certification guarantees farmers are paid a fair wage and shields them from fluctuating market prices. A reliable income helps producers create a healthier working environment. The agreement prohibits child labor and forced labor, as well as non-discrimination and gender equality. There are several advantages for businesses when they create their product line with fair trade certified ingredients and brand it accordingly with a fair trade certified logo as this assists in building strong communities, protecting the planet, along with presenting stable prices that cover the cost of sustainable production. Most importantly, when the consumer purchases a fair-trade product, they are helping support responsible business owners and workers alike. Changing the world, one fair-trade purchase at a time!

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