Kick Off Summer with 10% Off

On May 27th   the nation will observe Memorial Day. Cities across the country will hosts parades and ceremonies in memory of our military service members who have lost their lives in the line of duty. It is also the unofficial kick off to the start of summer. The most popular time of the year for getaways and family vacations when some of the best memories are created. People generally are more carefree and adventurous during this short, pleasant time of the year. No doubt, tanned skin is happier and healthier.  Grab a lounge chair, some good reads, and catch up on some much needed downtime during the pleasant, dog days of summer. In addition, bask in savings with 10% off the following items:  Menthol Crystals – Organic, Soybean Oil – Organic, and Clove Bud Oil – Organic.

Organic Menthol Crystals (B5000)   Menthol crystals are used in a wide variety of cosmetic applications and consumer products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, hair and skin creams, sore throat lozenges, muscle rubs, cooling agents and medicated oils. They can also be used in the soap making industry and will dissolve in oils by lightly heating the crystals. Spending the weekend at the beach this Memorial Day? Hours soaking up the sun and riding the waves can be harsh on the skin so why not be prepared at day’s end.  Add a small amount of Menthol Crystals to your soap base to help cool and sooth sunned skin. More than that, it will keep you looking radiant throughout the summer months. If you are new to the soap making business simply add the crystals to any of our Stephenson soap bases which you view by clicking here.

Organic Soybean Oil (S1600) is one of the world’s most widely used natural oils. It is rich in Vitamin E and Omega-3’s, and is low in saturated fat with no trans-fat. It is a great cooking oil due to its high smoke point consequently, making it an excellent choice for frying foods. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo on May 5th ?  Grab the soybean oil and get ready to make some deep fried Margaritas.  If you haven’t made this amazing appetizer in the past this may be the perfect time.  You are sure going to be the talk of the party. The adult recipe is as follows:

  • Cut a Lemon cake into square pieces.
  • Dip the cubes into your favorite Margarita cocktail and then directly into the heated soybean oil.
  • Fry on both sides and drain.

For glaze:

  • Mix one cup of powdered sugar with splashes of tequila
  • Stir in the juice of one lime.
  • Drizzle the glaze over the deep fried margaritas.


Clove Bud Oil (E1055) is an essential oil that is extracted from the buds of a small evergreen known for its ability to soothe aches and pains. It has a crisp, sweet, minty aroma therefore, making it a perfect addition to soaps, lotions and moisturizers. It can be a great ingredient when making the perfect DIY salt scrubs. Combine the following ingredients in a seal able glass container.

  • 1 cup Dead Sea salt
  • 1/2 cup of Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 3-4 drops of Clove Bud

When it’s time for the bath simply scoop out and add to the warm water. A comfy pair of pajamas and a personalized salt scrub is a perfect gift for any mother this Mother’s Day.

If you want to take advantage of the above discounted materials please use code FBMAY19 at checkout for 10% off the wholesale price. Please note, one coupon per customer and the discount cannot be applied to already discounted, tiered pricing or drum pricing.