Jedwards Freezing in February -10%

As we all know February is the shortest month of the year, the mid-way mark between the blistery winter months and the blossoming months of spring. It is a time we await to see if the famous rodent, Punxsutawney Phil, encounters his shadow which somehow determines how many more weeks of winter we shall endure. Despite the outcome of this 130 year old tradition, you can save 10% when you purchase the following ingredients from Jedwards International thru the month of February: Milk Thistle (S1732), Pine Oil (EHM1110), and Agave Nectar Raw – Organic (G1190).

Please note, the discount applies to gallons, pails, and small pack sizes only; not applicable to drum orders or tiered pricing.

Milk Thistle (S1732) is a great addition to any moisturizing skincare product for its hydration properties which is especially beneficial during the dry winter months. Used for thousands of years for its antioxidant properties, Milk Thistle is a great detoxifier for the body because it is plentiful in sterols, essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It is often incorporated into skincare formulations for its antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. What better gift to give on Valentine’s Day than the gift of beauty?

Pine Oil (EHM1110), an essential oil sourced from Austria, is 100% pure with a crisp forest like scent. Classified as a middle note essential oil it is a desired ingredient in the soaping industry, skin care products, and bath products. Add Pine Oil to a diffuser on Super Bowl Sunday and your guests will think you cleaned all day for the big game. It has such a fresh fragrance and can be used as a disinfectant.

Agave Nectar Raw – Organic (G1190), is a natural sweetener used in a number of different products throughout the food industry. It is a common ingredient found in baked goods, desserts, toppings, ice cream, candy and various beverages such as energy drinks, coffee and teas. On February 4th the country will celebrate Ice Cream for Breakfast Day so let’s stock up beforehand.


Use code FBFeb19 for 10% off the following:

Milk Thistle Oil (S1732)

Pine Oil (EHM1110)

Agave Nectar Raw – Organic (G1190)

***One Coupon Code per customer.  Cannot be applied to already discounted, tiered pricing or drum pricing.