Superfood Extraordinaire – Organic Sacha Inchi Seeds

Touted as being among the richest source of omega fatty acids, Sacha Inchi Seeds are taking the world by storm as a healthy, highly desirable superfood.  Sacha Inchi seeds are loaded with protein, fiber, calcium, and potassium and are low in sodium.  This delicious, dry roasted and unsalted snack which hails from Peru, is highly digestible, rich in antioxidants and gluten free.

The sacha inchi plant, Plukenetia volubilis, is grown in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.  It is a perennial rainforest vine with heart shaped, serrated leaves and star shaped pods, which bear seeds nearly year round.  Sacha inchi has been a part of the Inca diet for 3000 years and there’s good reason why!  Sacha inchi seeds contain 17 times the omega-3 content of salmon, as well as all essential amino acids.  The seeds are dehulled and then roasted at 150° Celsius for 2 hours to create a peanut sized, light brown, unique snack.  The end product is reminiscent of a mild nut, with a slight woody flavor.

A treasured addition to the diets of vegans and vegetarians, this seed is one of the few complete protein plant-based foods. You can now purchase Organic Sacha Inchi Seeds at Jedwards International.