Explosive July Specials

What better way to celebrate the independence of our great nation than to announce the raw materials we are discounting this month only!  The carrier oil that Jedwards International is offering at 10% off in July only is Rice Bran Oil (S1490).  This refined material has a high smoke point and a mild flavor which makes it great for high-temperature cooking, such as stir frying or deep frying.  It also contains good fats, with an equal proportion of saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Our 10% discounted essential oil of the month is Orange, Cold Pressed Oil (EHM1170).  Recommended as a good oil for people who are new to essential oils, Orange Oil is relatively inexpensive and can be mixed with many other types of essential oils.  Orange Oil is used for aromatherapy purposes, added to food and beverages as a flavor enhancer and to cosmetics.  It can also be infused in cleaning products to offer a citrusy scent to freshen up your home.  Finally, we are offering a 10% discount on White Cocoa Butter (B3030).  A prime ingredient in the production of white chocolate due to its solid consistency at room temperature, it’s also widely used in the cosmetic industry because it has been refined and deodorized.  If you like saving money, jump all over these July Specials!


Use code: FBJul2017 for 10% off the following:

Rice Bran Oil (S1490)

Orange Oil, Cold Pressed (EHM1170)

Cocoa Butter – White (B3030)

Use code: FB30July2017 for 30% off the following:

Tamanu Butter (B3081)

Tamanu Butter – Organic (B3082)

***One Coupon Code per customer;
cannot be applied to already discounted or tiered pricing***