Make Way for Monoi Oil

Monoi Oil will be making its appearance
to the Jedwards International line up soon!  Monoi is a blended material consisting of an infused perfume oil created by soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias, also known as Tiaré flowers, in refined coconut oil.  The resulting fragrance is a subtle aroma which combines delicate floral with clean, bland, refined coconut.

Over 2000 years ago, indigenous Polynesians (Maohi) used monoi for cosmetic and religious purposes.  It was applied to newborns to keep them from dehydrating in hot weather and from getting chilled in cooler temperatures.  Even today, many divers rub Monoi Oil on their bodies prior to diving to insulate their bodies.  Additionally, when a Maohi native died, their bodies were embalmed and perfumed with Monoi to help facilitate their journey into the afterlife.  Other historical accounts show that it was used in religious rites.  In 1942, Monoi Oil was introduced and manufactured for commercial purposes.

Tahiti’s national flower, The Tiaré flower, is a small white, star-shaped flower grown on bushes throughout French Polynesia and it blossoms all year long.  Polynesian women traditionally wear them behind one ear.  The flowers used in Monoi Oil are hand-picked at a very particular stage of their growth, while they are still unopened, and must be used within 24 hours of harvesting.  They are then stripped of their pistils and placed in refined coconut oil for a minimum of 15 days.  Known as French term “enfleurage”, or flower soaking, a minimum of 10 Tiaré flowers must be used per liter of refined coconut oil.

Monoi Oil is not for human consumption as it is not food grade, but it is a welcome addition for any product requiring emulsifying and emollient properties.  A solid material at room temperature, Monoi is a great inclusion to moisturizers, lotions, masks, scrubs and hair care as well as sun and after sun care.  Monoi will be available for purchase at Jedwards International by the end of April, 2017.