NEW: Mango Butter – Low Melt (Olein)!

Jedwards International is a long-time supplier of conventional and organic-certified mango butter, a natural material extracted from the kernel of Mangifera indica. This versatile ingredient is coveted by cosmetics and food formulators for its high oxidative stability and naturally high content of non-saponifiables.

Our latest mango derivative offers additional benefits with the arrival of Mango Butter – Low Melt (Olein)! This raw material goes through an additional step in the extraction process called fractionation, producing a softer material with a lower melting point.

Low melt mango butter or mango olein has a melting point range of 59 – 86 ºF (15 – 30°C), compared to the standard mango butter’s range of 86 – 98.6ºF (30 – 37 °C). The yielded material is semi-solid at room temperature with a white to yellow appearance and bland aroma.

Many might be asking why a formulator would favor low melt mango butter over the traditional variety? Mango Butter Olein (Low Melt) contains less stearic fatty acid than normal mango butter, which is the contributing factor to its lower melting point. This butter is perfect for softer formulations and in products that do not need to withstand higher environmental temperatures.

Low-melt ingredients are often sought-after to decrease the overall melting point of an end-product. Mango Butter – Low Melt is found in softer, hydrating products such as haircare treatments, daily and nightly skincare serums, lip balms, body scrubs, cleansers, and eye creams.

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