NEW PRODUCT: Oat Oil – A Hidden Gem

oats bowlOats
A crop primarily grown in Europe and North America, Oats (Avena sativa) have a long and distinguished history. Oats have been an important agricultural commodity for both humans and livestock since antiquity. In addition to being an important food source oats have been used in a variety of skin care products.

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Oat Oil’s fatty acid composition includes over 35% omega fatty acids. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic (18:1) and linoleic acid (18:2). Additionally, this novel oil is a noteworthy source of anti-oxidants and glycolipids. Not surprisingly the antioxidants present in the oil confer excellent stability. Oat oil is typically a yellowish to brown color with a bland odor.

Oat oil is a functional and nutritional oil to include in your cosmetic formulations. This oil is known to be a unique ingredient for cosmetics due to its level of ceramides compared to other oils, along with its moisturizing Vitamin E content. Oat Oil possesses exceptional emolliency and it penetrates the skin rapidly. It is used in many lotions, soaps, creams, facial oils and balms since its properties add unique benefits. It is also popularly used in hair care products to improve conditioning and manageability. This oil is rich in linoleic acid, which is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid that is critical for the maintenance of the natural skin barrier. Oat Oil also acts as a oat-lotnatural emulsifier, and it can help minimize the need for other emulsifiers within oil/water-based formulations.

Oat Oil is considered an effective emulsifier and antioxidant in food applications. In various recipes, Oat Oil can be used as an alternative to traditional oat flakes. This semi-refined oil is also popular with some bread makers, as it shares many of the favorable characteristics of shortening, but can be used at lower concentrations.

Overall, Oat Oil is a great material to incorporate in various formulations.