Virgin Marula Oil

Virgin Marula Oil !

We are excited to be carrying a new miraculous oil: Virgin Marula Oil sourced from Namibia! This oil is derived from the legendary Marula tree, native to Southern Africa and parts of East and West Africa, growing to be up to 18 feet tall. Fun fact about the Marula tree is that it’s dioecious, meaning these trees have specific genders (dual-sexed). The Marula tree is also known as the ‘King of the African Trees’ among various groups of people in Africa. This tree is said to be sacred and is often used in marriage ceremonies as a symbol of blessings for newlyweds and their future children.

The Marula tree’s fruits and leaves, high in Vitamin-C, offer sustenance to its nearby population, as well as the wildlife, which includes the beloved elephant & long-necked giraffes. Marula Oil is extracted from the kernels of these fruits. It is commonly used in cosmetics. Known for its protective and rejuvenating qualities, Marula oil contains high levels of omega-3 oleic acids and natural antioxidants making this oil very stable. Marula Oil is cold pressed. Discover this African blessing that has been passed down through the generations, available right here on the Jedwards International website!