NEW: Bayberry Wax

During the holiday seasons, have you noticed pale green candles with a unique earthy scent on display in stores, office environments, or your family and friend’s homes? It is most likely a candle made from our latest ingredient, bayberry wax!

Bayberry wax is a light brown to olive green wax with an appealing natural earthy aroma. Derived from the boiled fruit of Myrica cerifera, this species of bayberry plant is native to Central and North America.  Bayberry candles have evidence of being made and used as far back as the 17th century and even today, many modern candle makers use historical methods to create this traditional holiday decoration.

This coveted wax has melting point around 40 – 55°C / 104 – 131°F. As a vegan substitute for beeswax, formulators may opt to use bayberry wax in place of or alongside beeswax to increase its melting point. In addition to promoting skincare and aromatherapy benefits, bayberry wax functions as a stabilizer, thickener, emollient, and alters viscosity in a formulation. Other applications include natural bug repellents, soaps, lip treatments, facial creams, and even industrial uses such as coating or lubricating various surfaces.

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