New Product: Tucuma Butter – Virgin

Introducing the latest all-natural addition to our expansive product line, Tucuma Butter!

Tucuma, also referred to by its botanical name Astrocaryum vulgare, is a spiny palm tree in the same genus as Murumuru, native to South America. In cultivation, it is a fairly slow growing plant, producing edible fruits after 8 years. The seeds are collected to produce a natural plant butter rich in essential fatty acids known as Tucuma butter!

Tucuma Butter is an exotic, waxy solid, cold-pressed extracted and filtered to produce a final product yielding a mild, sweet aroma and an off-white to yellow appearance. This butter contains a naturally high content of lauric and myristic fatty acids which are highly sought-after throughout the personal-care and cosmetic industries. Tucuma butter is known to promote hydration and lock in moisture, making it an ideal ingredient to formulate an array of topical products. It is often incorporated into body lotions, balms, soaps, and various products targeting dry cracked skin. Tucuma butter is often compared to Murumuru butter due to similar consistencies and compositions; both are said to easily absorb into the skin and yield antioxidant benefits.

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