Small Business Spotlight: TrueEarth

Our Small Business Spotlight shines on TrueEarth this month! Established and owned by Claude Galipeau, TrueEarth is a holistic company providing natural products for people, pets, and plants.

TrueEarth currently has two product lines: Medicine for the Earth which are all-natural fertilizers, and Medicine from the Earth which are functional tinctures that incorporate organic, raw, natural materials such as Claude’s home-grown medicinal plants and hemp CBD.

Medicine for the Earth features three unique all-natural plant fertilizers: #111 Natural Fertilizer, #222 Kelp Kick, and #333 Essential Mineral Solution; all developed by Claude himself! His fertilizers simultaneously nourish plants and the soil, in contrast to typical fertilizers that use potentially harmful chemicals.

Claude has made it his mission to help people with his personal-care products and alternative methods of growing fresh, healthy foods and envisions his fertilizers will generate more sustainable farming practices around the world. Passion and a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication has kept TrueEarth in business for the past 11 years and counting!

Give their products a try, especially their most popular CBX Full Spectrum Hemp & Moringa Oil and Turmeric Trio tinctures. Check out TrueEarth’s website at

Read Claude’s full interview with us below or on our instagram page!