Small Business Spotlight: Vine & Branches

Introducing you to Ken, founder of Vine & Branches, our Small Business Spotlight for the month of February!  Vine & Branches is a black owned brand formulating natural hair care products targeting various textures of hair, whether curly, dry, coarse, or other. Ken, a graduate in Public Relations, discovered his passion for formulation while further customizing lotions he purchased to improve or tweak to his desire. He’s been creating custom formulations since 2019, which lead him to officially launch Vine and Branches in late June 2022.

Vine & Branches’ primary goal is to create products that are safe for varying skin types, specifically sensitive skin, with a primary focus on coily, kinky hair types. With self-tested products, he can fine tune formulations until they meet or exceed his desired outcome. If you have sensitive skin, or simply love nourishing natural products, check out their Restorative Nutrient Serum or Signature Deep Conditioner, which features Jedwards’ Hemp Seed Oil as a key ingredient! Visit their website at or their Instagram store @vineandbrancheshaircare.

Read the full interview and watch a video about Vine & Branches below.