Small Business Spotlight: MelAsana Soap

For our first spotlight of the year, we’re featuring Melanie, a yoga teacher-turned soapmaker, owner of MelAsana Soap. In 2020 and after, much of our society experienced job and career changes, whether they now work from home or switched fields completely! With lockdowns and closures, Melanie dove into soap-making!

Nature and animals are a passion of Melanie’s, so it’s no wonder that her soap bars are purely-plant based, and never contain harsh chemicals or fragrances. One of her favorite products of ours to formulate with is our Sustainable Palm Oil: “Palm Oil is essential to my soap and it’s important to me that I do my part in supporting our planet.”

Interested in trying MelAsana Soap and her beautiful products out for yourself? Her best-selling bars are her Charcoal/Tea Tree and Spearmint/Eucalyptus bars and she supplies plenty of other options for whatever suits your needs. Visit to get yours!

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